Company History

A privately-owned company, the DERRON Group focuses on long-term commitments and lasting relationships with customers, suppliers and partners.

Our financial strength, global reach, strong reputation and innovation enable us to expand in step with our customers worldwide, responding to their needs and the changing demands of local, regional and global markets.
Our customers are central to everything we do. It is their ever-increasing demand for competitive solutions and services that drives us to refine and integrate our services to meet their needs.

• Our Logistics was DERRONGROUP’s first business unit, to provide lightering and ship agency services, in 2009. Today, DERRONGROUP Shipping is one of Nigeria’s fastest growing providers of services to ship owners and operators.

• Shipping Agency operation originated from our forwarding, warehousing and distribution operations. Today, DERRONGROUP Logistics has grown into a global network providing a rich array of general and specialist logistics services.
• DERRONGROUP’s Marine operation centres around our modern and expanding fleet of supply craft and barges that provide vital support for offshore exploration, construction and production, heavy lift cargo stowage, etc.
DERRONGROUP Marine operates in key locations in West Africa.

We Takes Full Advantage

DERRONGROUP takes full advantage of the diversity of our portfolio of services, our worldwide partnership, resources and expertise to deliver integrated solutions that result in time and cost efficiency.
Sectors such as the oil and gas industry, in particular, benefit from DERRONGROUP’s unique ability to offer a tailor-made service package covering ship agency, bunker fuels, project logistics, offshore logistics and more.
Other sectors that can benefit from our wide range of services include cruise, dry bulk, automotive, FMCG, retail, technology, healthcare, sports, entertainment/events, projects, offshore, etc.

We know that you must first sow before you can reap. That’s why DERRONGROUP has always believed in investment: in long-term relationships with our clients, partners, brand ambassadors and suppliers; in the technology and equipment to get the job done – and done well; and in training our people.
Individual DERRONGROUP companies operate with a high degree of autonomy, giving them the flexibility to act in accordance with local conditions and specific customer needs whilst maintaining the global outlook and standards of the Group.

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