Temporary Importation

The temporary importation approval from customs Headquarters Abuja must be obtained prior to shipment.
Certain goods may be brought into Nigeria on a temporary basis without the payment of duties and taxes. These goods are referred to as temporary imports. Temporary Importation is the customs procedure whereby an importer declares that certain goods are being brought into Nigeria for a limited time and for a specific purpose, after which the goods will be exported. For example, the Temporary Importation procedure may be used for goods such as large capital equipment that is imported for a specific single use in Nigeria (e.g., oil rigs, ships, barges road construction equipment) and other special equipment provided that such equipment is not available for

Crew Visa and Immigration Support

Apart from temporary work permit,
we also engage in the services of
crew visas and immigration support,
obtaining new permit, renewals and
transit visas.

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